May 2021

Discover Destination Piedmont & Turin

It takes the “foot of a mountain” for the next step on our Mutika EMC journey to discover Italy. The Piedmont region is, in fact, a land surrounded by the Alps, which combines the strength of the rock with the transparency of the waters of its splendid lakes. Impossible not to fall in love with its magnificent views while tasting a full-bodied glass of wine.
Its capital, Turin, one of the most industrial cities of the country -famous for its design houses and automotive companies – is a city that mixes magic and culture, charm and mystery.
Enter a world where nature and the creativity of man have sealed an eternal pact.

Those who visit Piedmont remain bewitched.

It will be the echo of its mountains that resounds within the ancient walls of its castles and its medieval forts. It will be its lakes – including Lake Maggiore and the Lake Orta – that host villages where time has stopped. It will be the rolling hills of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato that whisper words of love. Or it will be Turin, which hides mysteries to be discovered.

A symbol of art and visionary. The Mole Antonelliana in Turin is an extravagant, bizarre nineteenth-century building. Charming. Thanks to its panoramic lift, you can reach the top of the building to admire the whole city. Thanks to its cinema museum, you can be enchanted by the history of the Seventh Art. A daydream.

culture, arte & architecture

Visiting the Piedmont region is like throwing open a fantasy book. You would expect a dragon to defend its Romanesque fortifications or kings and queens to dwell within the walls of its splendid castles. A noble land of traditions and stories, Piedmont is home to a millenary culture. From the Egyptian Museum to the Holy Shroud of Turin, to the numerous literary events of international scope, this is a region where art is at home. A splendid home whose locations are perfect for a memorable event, meeting or dinner. 

Among the thousand scents of Piedmont, that of stone spreads together with that of grapes and leaves, taking you to a dimension suspended between the past and the present. Immersed in a rural and bucolic landscape, its historic buildings will fascinate you until you will feel part of a fresco of different styles: liberty, art nouveau, baroque, medieval.


Extravagance meets magnificence: the Palazzina di Stupinigi is a former royal hunting lodge situated a few kilometers south the Turin. This incredible place of leisure and hunting of the Savoy Family was built in 1729 and has been inscribed by UNESCO as one of their World Heritage Sites. Impressively chic.


A proverb mentions: “whoever sees Turin and does not see Venaria, sees the mother and not the daughter.” This sumptuous Savoy residence, built from 1658 to 1679, The Venaria Reale is called the little Italian Versailles due to its splendor. You will be amazed by how the frescoes, stuccos and tapestries create a perfect harmony. Do not be surprised, however, if in the corridors, you will still hear the echo of the magnificent parties that the building hosted.


Imposing, mazy, mysterious: the Fenestrelle Fort, also called the Chinese Wall of Italy, is the largest fortified structure in Europe. An all-stone military engineering work that extends for about five kilometers inside a park. A rural world in which to get lost and discover one of the most ingenious architectural jewels in Italy.


The variety of Piedmont wines are that of the colors of a painter’s palette. Young or aged, white or red, sparkling or full-bodied. Piedmont, thanks to its splendid green hills such as the lush ones of Barbaresco, Monferrato, or Langhe, is a privileged land for those who love tasting fine wines. We have held several experiences and are working for many other exclusive events. In the meantime, we at Mutika EMC are happy to raise our glasses and toast with you to the taste and fullness of this region that always knows how to envelop your palate.

If you taste the wines of Piedmont, you will understand at the first sip why this is a region of excellence and quality. Over 80% of the wine produced has a controlled designation of origin (D.O.C). The variety of labels will surprise you and the possibilities for pairing with food are endless. We have chosen for you five of the most celebrated wines of Piedmont. Salute!


This wine is defined as a noble one because the name comes from an ancient castle. Its red color is as powerful as its intense taste and great personality. The lands that host its vines are the splendid hills of the Langhe. Its combination with risotto is famous, not only as an accompaniment, but as a main ingredient: risotto with Barolo is a superfine dish.


This elegant white wine has a robust and resilient soul.  In the 60’s just a few hectares of Arneis vines remained, and only a handful of producers were making this wine. In recent years, however, this wine with elegantly floral and delicately fruity notes has returned to its fame. Perfect to accompany a typical Piedmontese vegetable appetizer.


Unmistakable for its ruby ​​red and purple reflections, Dolcetto d’Alba is one of the most loved wines of Piedmont. It owes its name to the sweetness of its grapes that grow only in the vineyards of Cuneo and Asti. Its rich and fragrant aroma and its fruity and almond notes are perfect to combine with truffle-based dishes.


Romantic, dreamy, out of time and space: the lakes and valleys of Piedmont are a spectacle where the beauty of nature blends with the art of men. Mirrors of water reflecting ancient villas and green lands where grapes reflect the sun. Perfect destinations for incentives programs, or a relaxing holiday or just for restorative walks and dinners with breathtaking views. Destinations where we are always ready to guide you to make you live a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Hop on your bike and ride along the iridescent roads that cross the Piedmont plains! Cross one of the majestic lakes aboard a speedboat! Or, simply, enjoy the view: cities of art, historic villages, royal residences, wine landscapes. Between earth and sky, Piedmont offers you all the natural elements for an unimaginable experience.


Lake Maggiore is heavenly. It is no coincidence that it is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world thanks to the presence of 11 islands (even those who live on the shores don’t know how many islands there are). In fact, the magnificent Isole Borromeo are of great charm, a triumph of Baroque art and botanical wonders. Do not miss the Isola dei Pescatori, a tiny enchanting village that shines, solitary, in the middle of the waters.


The French writer Honoré de Balzac defined Lake Orta as elegant, adorned, grand in its simplicity. Falling in love with this lake is easy: Orta San Giulio, Omegna and Pella are villages full of history and vitality where you can find neoclassical villas, ancient monasteries, small shops and refined restaurants. A place with a magical atmosphere.


For those who love good wine this stage is not to be missed: The wine landscape of Piedmont: Langhe – Roero and Monferrato is a world heritage site where some of the most refined wine labels in the world are produced. Among hills covered with vineyards, villages, farmhouses and castles of medieval origin, this is the land of taste and good living.


Turin, the capital of Piedmont, is a flagship of Italy. Along its streets you can recognize its thousand faces: the royal one through the palaces and residences of the Savoy dynasty; the cultural one thanks to its Egyptian and cinema museum; the welcoming one thanks to its historic cafes, where you can relive the intellectual and creative atmosphere of the past. Whatever side of the city you want to discover, the Mutika Team will be happy to let you discover it through an unforgettable and private experience.

Turin is magical, not only because it is shrouded in an aura of mystery and legends, but because it is surprising. In 2006, it hosted the Winter Olympics, and the city showed that it has an international modern soul capable of bringing great emotions to life. At the same time, Turin is a handwritten letter from the past to tell an Italy of kings and queens, of fairy tales and enigma.


The Porta Palatina, one of the symbolic monuments of Turin, is one of the city gates of the 1st century BC and best preserved in the world. It was, among the four gates of the city, the main one of the walls that protected Turin two thousand years ago, when it was still called Iulia Augusta Taurinorum. Together with the ancient theater, it is located in the area of the magnificent Archaeological Park.


Visiting Palazzo Madama means listening to the voice of the history of Italy. In this suggestive palace, located in Piazza Castello, the birth of the Kingdom of Italy was proclaimed in 1861. Today, it houses the Civic Museum of Ancient Art, a vast collection of sculptures and works of art as well as one of the most important porcelain collections of the world.


The heart of the city of Turin is the seventeenth-century Piazza San Carlo, famous for its intellectual and social role. It has always been the cradle of places, restaurants and cafes where men of culture, artists, nobles and royalty, used to meet to discuss. It is no coincidence that it is called Il Salotto di Torino (The Salon of Turin). Its atmosphere of other times will enchant you.

Festival & Events

Piedmont has always been one of the richest Italian regions in events and festivals. A land that has given its roots to a culturally fascinating Italy, skillfully mixing the resources of the territory with art and creativity. It is no coincidence that whatever experience you have, you will always find a welcome made of well-being, good food and excellent wine. Keep in touch with our Mutika Team to discover all the opportunities we can offer you to experience the traditions of Piedmont to the top.

Think of lying on the fresh grass on a hill and listening to a poet. Or taste the most delicious of truffle-based dishes. Or dive into an old-time jazz atmosphere. Traditional Piedmont festivals and events have always had the distinction of having an international voice. A precious gift to create a story full of magnificent suggestions.


Turin, which boasts the title of World Book Capital in 2006, is an internationally recognized city for its great ability to attract writers, poets and artists as well as tourists from all over the world and host them every year in the celebrated Turin International Book Fair. The event this year will be held in October, and as always, will be the destination of thousands of admirers of the beauty of world culture.


For those who love music and especially the genre that has had masters such as Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis, the Novara Jazz Festival is a highly prestigious institution, now known all over the world. An event that this year is held in June, and which hosts in a magical setting, the best jazz artists, embracing at the same time, unforgettable culinary experiences.


If you love the unique and precious taste of truffles, the experience for you is the International Alba White Truffle Fair. An internationally prestigious exhibition that takes place from October to December, where it is possible to taste, in all its forms, the highly praised truffle of the Piedmont hills. An opportunity to taste wines of great excellence but also the dishes of renowned chefs.

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