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We believe in a deep respect for Clients and Partners; in equal opportunities and in a consolidated network, as the foundations of every concrete success. We know that respect has to be closely connected to sensitivity, kindness and empathy.

We apply these values in each formal and substantial aspect of our business. 



Mutika’s commitment is concrete and constant. We take care of everyone’s safety and protection, always. Our daily goal is to create unique and exclusive experiences for you with the utmost attention.


Safety is the basis of every activity we carry out: planning events in safety is essential to guarantee the security health security, protection and risk management of our clients, our partners, and all members of the team.

Emergency Plans

In today’s world, as past situations themselves have taught us, we must be ready to face anything. Therefore, our team is trained and updated regularly to manage emergency situations appropriately.

Financial Stability

We are a solid company that has been operating in the international DMC market for more than 10 years. As the Financial Times reports, we are proud to be on the fifth annual list of Europes 1,000 fastest growing companies published as on IlSole24Ore, the Italian leading Financial Newspaper & Magazine, among the 450 Italian companies that achieved the greatest revenue growth between 2016 and 2019.


Choosing Mutika means choosing consciously: we are the only DMC in Italy with an internal legal office to be able to assess any risk and know how to prevent them. In every event we organize, we make sure to provide full legal and insurance coverage to all attendees.


anti-covid protocol


2020 taught us how a positive attitude about change and the improvement of best practices are two fundamental elements in everyday life.
While a new normal was going to be defined, we at Mutika have actively worked on several fronts: we have created new experiences to be lived together virtually, and at the same time we have designed brand new best practices to return to live in-person experiences.

Mutika-Anti-Covid-Protocol Our manifesto

Emergency Plans

There is a potential risk, and we need to know how to prevent it promptly


Social distancing is essential. We introduced the A.S.P.P. Model (Available Space Per Person)

personal protective equipment

Protection, sanitization, masks for all and disposable gloves for the staff

At Mutika, we are ready and always have been, to be at your side in each situation. We established a Mutika Safety Ambassador program.
Our team receives up-to-date training to manage and minimize risk situations, while having the sensitivity to adapt at every change.

Those who partner with Mutika EMC and continue to do so, know how seriously committed we are to guaranteeing everyone's health safety.

Mutika-Anti-Covid-Protocol-Safety-first Our manifesto
Mutika-Anti-Covid-Protocol-1 Our manifesto
Mutika-Anti-Covid-Protocol-2 Our manifesto
Mutika-Anti-Covid-Protocol-3 Our manifesto
Transparency Our manifesto


We are a consolidated company that has been operating in the international Travel Industry for more than 10 years. We listen to know you and to create unforgettable experiences together. 

We accompany you at all times in the activities we carry out for you and with you, to live every moment, giving you unique memories. We are always there, ready to support you and guide you in any situation of need with the professionalism, positivity and transparency that have always distinguished us. We believe in doing business combined with culture, diversity, solidarity without any fence of space and time.

Environment Our manifesto


The intrinsic value of the Italian territory is what characterizes Mutika’s identity. Each activity we design must live in symbiosis with the setting in which it takes place: preserving the natural resources and beauty of our country is essential to guarantee its protection. For this reason, we orient our choices to enhance all the territories, guarantee environmental protection and full traceability of every single operation.

People Our manifesto


In Mutika Group, we have created a network of people, not just based off past experiences. They are selected collaborators united by the utmost honesty, professional correctness, and transparency, but also guided by the desire to leave their distinctive mark in the work they carry out. Mutika’s success is the success of the Design Team that lives and works in synergy, enhancing the individual person and guaranteeing equality, freedom and dignity for all.

Mutika rejects and fights all forms of discrimination, guaranteeing a peaceful and favorable working environment for establishing interpersonal relationships based on mutual respect.

Collaboration Our manifesto


Partners, not suppliers. It means having a unique vision, a passionate project sharing, a common strength to succeed. We extend our network with partners sharing our vision and philosophy, making the territory alive with experiences that will increase the identity of the event, involving local and national infrastructures.

In order to constantly guarantee the highest level of customer satisfaction, Mutika cooperates with partners who offer innovative and quality services in full compliance with the values of which Mutika itself represents. We conduct regular Risk Management Assessment which includes liability, financial and quality audits.

Changes Our manifesto


Mutika EMC was born to offer something new and never seen in the Travel Industry, to create exciting travel experiences with the aim of making Italy a dream destination for travelers from all over the world, both for leisure and business travels.

Everything around us is constantly changing; being aware of this means always focusing on maintaining a strong energy and willingness to build and create, large or small, a better future.

our mission

Mutika is committed to creating customized sustainable experiences that preserve the historical and cultural heritage of our country. We will meet your needs of the present, while not compromising the ability for future generations to enjoy the beauty of Italy.

our vision

The Mutika Team will never stop exploring the country. Our dynamic and creative highly-qualified team always brainstorms to secure Unique Proposals for your collective or individual experiences.


is an


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reason to


Strength of relationships

At Mutika, we are proud of having a top-level partner network all over Italy and abroad. The quality we have built in many ears with customers and suppliers is our business card for those who want to entrust us.


Solidità-finanziaria Our manifesto
Presence Our manifesto
Costante-aggiornamento Our manifesto
Forza-delle-relazioni Our manifesto

We are a solid company that has been operating in the international Travel market for more than 10 years. As the Financial Times reports (published in March 2021), we are proud to be on the fifth annual list of Europe’s 1,000 fastest growing companies published as on Il Sole 24 Ore (published in Jan 2021), the Italian leading financial newspaper & magazine, among the 450 Italian companies that achieved the greatest revenue growth between 2016 and 2019.

Capillary presence

We extend our partner’s network, both Italian and international, sharing our vision, making the territory alive with experiences that will increase the identity of the brand, involving local and national infrastructures.

Steady update

We are Mutika, Italian by birth and international by vocation: we represent Italy all over the world, with its culture, its traditions, and its land. We have offices throughout the Italian territory, and we are attentive to social changes while always being ready to respond to any new need.



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