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Roads of Sicily

Mutika Means: designing new directions along the Sicily of traditions

Mutika EMC brings together the priceless beauty of the South of Italy with the innovation of one of the most prestigious cars in the world, in an unforgettable experience.


The Italy that has restarted, for us at Mutika EMC, is the Italy that goes beyond the roads already trodden, that whizzes through the excellence of our territory towards horizons of unprecedented amazement.

This, which we are about to tell you, is not just a case study in our history. It’s a milestone to remember.


The protagonist is our land, Sicily, which thanks to its immortal charm and its fiery atmosphere, is chosen by Bentley Motors as the exclusive location for the launch of the new powerful car, the New Continental GT Speed.


Eleven days were given for a flagship event in the automotive sector. Summer had just entered the month of September, and for us at Mutika EMC, the challenge is to immerse the participants in the event in the dimension that we live, know and love, in a natural and surprising way at the same time.

So that the guests – trend setters, international journalists and prestigious personalities – could test the performance of the car by embarking on a journey of discovery and amazement. We have opened the doors, thanks to the locals, to two parallel worlds.

The first is that of the Ghost Town, a timeless location born from the intuition of enhancing an abandoned space. The former NATO military base in Comiso, in fact, closed for decades, has been transformed into a futuristic, cinematic circuit, a citadel complete with a small square where guests could test the car and then enjoy Sicilian delicacies.


The second is a fantastic terrestrial constellation of several Sicilian municipalities and airports, which include Comiso itself, Modica, Monterosso Almo, Giarratana an the many others along the itineraries and two Airports, the Catania “Vincenzo Bellini” Airport and The Comiso “Pio La Torre” Airport.

With the great support of their mayors and airport authorities, we at Mutika EMC have thus been able to introduce Bentley Motors and its guests to the essence of Sicily, through the architecture and the most sincere lifestyle of this land. A conjunction of intentions born of our will and that of the municipalities to give voice to the authenticity of Sicily by showing its more inclusive character, but also capable of breaking the mold.


Because entering the heart of life in Sicily means for us at Mutika EMC, and above all, for our CEO Stefano Giaquinta, to share all the emotions that this land offers. To do this, we have made available to the customer the professional experience and innate human empathy of our collaborators, in every sector, to take care of every single detail together with local excellence.


To let you savor the culinary roots of the territory by telling it with authentic tastes and scents, we relied on the creativity and passion of the chef Accursio Capraro and his Radici – L’Osteria di Accursio –, who took care of presenting, through its impeccable catering, a menu capable of embracing territoriality both during lunch, in the Ghost Town in Comiso, and at the final gala dinner, set up on the exclusive “La Terrazza” by Mutika overlooking Modica. A journey that is not just a tasting experience in an exceptional location, but has been able to give a memory, an atmosphere, a permanent emotion.


This is also thanks to a network of extraordinary personalities who immediately accepted our invitation to collaborate with us for this event, such as Pierpaolo Ruta, owner of Antica Dolceria Bonajuto, and to Alessia Scarso, Film Director and Astrophographer: the mastery of true Sicilian pastry and the talent of a great astro-photographer have given this event a world of flavor and visions.

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